Ayate Fibers Bath Loofah Scrubber

Ayate Fibers Bath Loofah Scrubber

Ayate cloth is a hand woven made from 100% Agave fiber. This is a medium-textured bath loofah scrubber, complete with a great and easy to use hand strap. Each one is also filled with agave fibers to provide an even more exhilarating body massage.


The massaging action of the scrubber exfoliates and invigorates the skin. Not only that but it also can stimulate circulation, as well as smooths your skin as it cleans and softens. And because agave fiber is mildew resistant, sustainable, biodegradable and machine washable your scrubber is sure to last for a long time. 


Key Facts:

Provides gentle abrasion to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and revive dull skin

Great for massaging your whole body with your favorite Chagrin Valley Soap

Great for a rigorous scrub on dry skin patches on the elbows, thighs, legs, and feet



Scrubber size: approximately 6" x 4"

100% Alpaca Wool Balls - Great for anything!

100% Alpaca Wool Balls - Great for anything!

100% Alpaca Wool balls are made in the U.S.A. They are designed to be dryer balls but they are great for anything like stress balls or juggling!

If you use them as dryer balls simply place them in your dryer for a natural way to soften and fluff laundry. They can even stay in the dryer between loads. As a more sustainable product than disposable sheets, they help reduce drying time by as much of 25%, and sav on electric bills. Dryer balls have even been shown to reduce wrinkles and static without the use of dyes or harsh chemicals and potentially toxic chemicals. This prevents things such as:

Skin rashes

Asthma attacks


Difficulty in breathing

Nervous system disorders

These alpaca wool balls will last several years. They're great for anything and anyone who loves the feel of alpaca wool!