CD - In God's Providence (SP)

CD - In God's Providence (SP)







Choir of Novices and junior Sisters of Providence, directed by Sister Francis Angela, SP, in the Church of the Immaculate Conception at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana.

Track Listing
1.  Our Lady of Providence (Sister Cecilia Clare, SP)
2.  Hail, Holy Queen (Piel)
3.  My Shepherd is the Lord (Gelineau)
4.  Emitte Spiritum Tuum (Schuetky-Singenberger)
5.  Popule Meus (Sister Cecilia Clare, SP)
6.  Gaudens Gaudebo, Allelula and Versicle from the Mass of the Immaculate Conception (Gregorian Chant)
7.  Magnum Nomen Domini (Marsh)
8.  Tota Pulchra Es (Beltjens)
9.  Mass in Honor of Saint Joseph (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei -- Flor Peeters) 



Nepali Music CD - Folk Songs

Nepali Music CD - Folk Songs

Nepali Music CD – Janmabhumi Typical Nepali Folk Songs – Songs written and performed by Sita Gurung

These songs, written and sung in the traditional Nepalese style beautifully depict Sita’s love of her culture and country. This is Sita’s second album and reflects the lively upbeat music of her culture. Sita was born in a remote Nepali village in Nepal and now lives in Seattle. She writes and sings these songs to raise money for the Baseri Clinic in Nepal. All proceeds go to the Baseri Clinic. 


CD-The Wabash (Vol 2)

CD-The Wabash (Vol 2)





The Wabash and The Wabash: Volume II are collections of songs about the Wabash River sung by musicians with roots in the Wabash Valley of West Central Indiana and East Central Illinois. Both CDs were produced to raise funds for the sculpture A Song for Indiana, which honors the world-renowned composer and Terre Haute native Paul Dresser. Dresser's best known work, “On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away,” was adopted as the state song of Indiana in 1913.

From its origins in Western Ohio, the Wabash River meanders across the entire state of Indiana, draining two-thirds of the land. Historically important and immortalized in song, the Wabash is one of Indiana's most valuable natural resources. All of the Wabash Valley's residents, starting with the original Native American inhabitants and continuing through the twentieth century, settled here because of the Wabash. This CD honors an important American waterway and the people that live near it.

Track Listing:
"River Fanfare: On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away"
Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra

"(Back Home Again in) Indiana"
John England & the Western Swingers

"Old River"
Kade Puckett

"There's a River"
The Paul Bertsch Band

"Rainfall on the Wabash"
Kimberly Burger & Nicholas Spidel

The Highland Reunion

"Little Muddy"
Tim Carroll

"Wade On In"
Cari Ray

"Wabash Blues"
Paul Sturm and Jerome Cheatham

"She Loves Me the Wabash Way"
Highway 63

"River Lullaby"
Samantha Hayes

"On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away"
Tedi Dreiser Godard


Chaplet of Divine Mercy CD

Chaplet of Divine Mercy CD

Scriptural Meditations for the Divine Mercy Chaplet offers one of the most popular Catholic devotions accompanied by a short passage from Scripture to inspire meditation on each mystery. A short history of the devotion, plus instructions for how to pray it using traditional rosary beads, is also provided. With original music written and produced by Sheldon Cohen, The Divine Mercy Chaplet is perfect for the Feast of the Divine Mercy and as a daily novena or a recitation on each of the five decades.


Scriptural Meditations for the Divine Mercy Chaplet offers one of the most popular Catholic devotions accompanied by a short passage from Scripture to inspire meditation on each mystery. A short history of the devotion, plus instructions for how to pray it using traditional rosary beads, is also provided. With original music written and produced by Sheldon Cohen, The Divine Mercy Chaplet is perfect for the Feast of the Divine Mercy and as a daily novena or a recitation on each of the five decades.
Publication Date: 

Songs My Grandmother Taught Me

Songs My Grandmother Taught Me






Track Listing

1. A Hundred Years From Now
2. Good Night
3. Answer the First Rap
4. Birds
5. When Church Is Out
6. When My Ships Come Home
7. To Understand
8. Her Greatest Charm
9. A Perfect Day
10. A Present From Yourself
11. Shadows
12. A Little Pink Rose
13. The Pleasure of Giving
14. June and December
15. Your Song
16. Keep Awake
17. Just A-Wearyin' For You
18. God Remembers When the World Forgets
19. A Good Exercise
20. Because of the Light
21. Have You Seen My Kittie?
22. First Ask Yourself
23. Until God's Day
24. Were I
25. Still Unexprest
26. Roses Are In Bloom
27. When They Say the Unkind Things
28. I Love You Truly
29. At Morning, Noon, and Night
30. A Song of the Hills
31. Making the Best of It
32. Nothin' But Love



CD Awakening Consciousness

CD Awakening Consciousness






Track Listing
1. Consciousness Waking
2. One Life
3. The New Consciousness
4. I'm Aware
5. Well of Silence
6. All Is Light
7. Within All
8. Oh Silence
9. I Am
10. Shimmering Presence
11. Could It Be?
12. Waking as One
13. Silenve Ablaze
14. Eyes of the Holy
15. Breath of the One Life
16. Circle of Compassion
17. The Presence You Are










Track Listing
1. Ancient Mother
2. Invocation
3. Stretched Like a Bridge
4. For All the World
5. Spirit Moves
6. Beneath, Behind
7. Remember, Rejoice, Return
8. I Call in Truth
9. It's Grace
10. Out of Darkness
11. Something New
12. We Go Forth



CD-Together in the Great Work

CD-Together in the Great Work







Track Listing
1.  Core of My Being
2.  Creative Contemplative
3.  Listen to the Earth
4.  Being Faithful
5.  Sister Wisdom
6.  Together in This Great Work
7.  Deep Peace to You
8.  Dust Alive
9.  Depths of the Real
10. Imagine
11. Now
12. For the Children
13. I Say Yes
14. Together in This Great Work (Reprise)
15. Blessings of Life to You










Disc 1
1.  Ave Maria
2.  Introduction
3.  The Annunciation
4.  The Visitation
5.  The Birth of Jesus
6.  The Presentation
7.  Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
8.  Baptism of Jesus
9.  Wedding at Cana
10. Proclaiming the Kingdom
11. Transfiguration
12. Institution of the Eucharist
13. Amazing Grace

Disc 2
1.  You are My rock
2.  The Agony in the Garden
3.  The Scourging at the Pillar
4.  The Crowning with Thorns
5.  Carrying of the Cross
6.  The Crucifixion of Our Lord
7.  The Resurrection
8.  The Ascention
9.  Descent of the Holy Spirit
10. The Assumption
11. The Coronation
12. Divine Mercy Chaplet
13. Litany of Saints
14. Thank God for Life


CD-Awake at Last

CD-Awake at Last








Liturgical songs for dying and rising.

Track Listing
1.  Attende Domine
2.  Leave The Past In Ashes
3.  If You Love Me
4.  Create A Clean Heart
5.  Out Of The Depths
6.  The Lord Is My Light
7.  Praise To You (Gospel Acclamation)
8.  Unless A Grain Of Wheat
9.  The Children Of Jerusalem (Palm Sunday Processional)
10. The Greatest Among You
11. Litany Of The Holy Cross
12. Awake At Last (Psalm 139)
13. Alleluia, Are Not Our Hearts (Gospel Acclamation)
14. Change Us Into What We Receive
15. I, The Lord
16. The Love Of God


Publication Date: 

CD-Drawn by a Dream

CD-Drawn by a Dream






Music for Lent and Easter as well as selections for Christian initiation, Eucharist, weddings and funerals. 

Track Listing
1.  All One People
2.  Ever on My Lips
3.  For the Beauty
4.  Give Thanks to the Lord
5.  How Long, O Lord
6.  Join in the Dance
7.  Like Cedars
8.  May Love Be Ours
9.  Pilgrim Companion
10. River of Glory
11. Song of Farewell
12. Table of Plenty


CD-Echo of Your Peace Compact Disc; Lyrics Included

CD-Echo of Your Peace Compact Disc; Lyrics Included








Musician, composer, author, teacher and monk. Cyprian Consiglio is a man of many dimensions, but his music and teachings revolve around one central theme: answering the Universal Call to Contemplation through spirituality and the arts.

Echo of Your Peace gathers songs from a rich tapestry of music spanning 25 years. This diverse collection includes tracks from his first album (There Is a Light), all three of his projects with longtime collaborator John Pennington, as well as compositions recorded specifically for this compilation.

Full of tight harmonies, "There Is a Light" gives the album a soulful a cappella opening. "Echo of Your Peace" showcases Cyprian's incredible vocal range in a powerful, soaring plea. Text drawn from Harriet Kolfak's poem is beautifully brought to life in "Awakening." "Sab Bhole" features masterful acoustic guitar work that acts as extended meditations on the lovely mantras of this Hindi song. East meets west in "Spirit in the Cave of the Heart," as bluegrass acoustic guitar exists in harmony with chanting of the English translation of an Indian bhajan.

Track Listing
1.  There is a Light
2.  Echo of Your Peace
3.  Behind and Before Me
4.  Streams of Living Water
5.  As One Unknown
6.  Asato ma/Lead me from Death into Life
7.  Awakening
8.  For God Alone
9.  Sab Bhole
10. Moon in my Body
11. He Prabbu
12. Compassionate and Wise
13. Spirit in the Cave of the Heart
14. Vedahametam



CD-O Joyful Light by Michael Joncas; Christian Daily Prayer

CD-O Joyful Light by Michael Joncas; Christian Daily Prayer







O Joyful Light provides musical settings for the Liturgy of the Hours, including hymnody, psalmody and the Lord's Prayer. The collection offers complete settings for Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer. Features a wide variety of styles, including a cappella choral singing and folk hymns.


Publication Date: 

CD-Shine In Me; Hymns and Song for the Church Year

CD-Shine In Me; Hymns and Song for the Church Year








Sing and pray throughout the liturgical year
Shine in Me is a collection of hymns featuring newly composed music and texts for the major seasons and feasts of the liturgical year. Kevin, struck by the richness of Kate's hymn texts, was inspired to compose original music to accompany them. Their collaboration has produced seven songs for choir and assembly that cover the major feasts of the church year.

Enjoy unique arrangements and instrumentation
Offering a mixed style of traditional hymnody and contemporary song-writing, this collection is suitable for group worship, personal prayer and contemplative listening with choral arrangements varying from SAB to SATB. From simple keyboard and choir to unique combinations of multiple instruments, including violin, cello, flute, oboe, English horn and brass, all will find something to love in this collection!

Enrich worship with a variety of songs
"Who Is the Crucified," is a prayerful reflection of Christ's sacrifice with a melody that adds depth and poignancy. "Holy Spirit, Come" is a fresh hymn for Pentecost with a strong melody that is augmented by organ, choir and brass instruments while the title track features call-and-response verses for the entire Advent/Christmas season. Taken together, the seven songs in this collection speak to a wide range of musical tastes that add vigor to the song of our Church throughout the year.

Track Listing
1.  Shine in Me
2.  From Your Hand Received
3.  Anthem of the Holy Cross
4.  Who Is the Crucified?
5.  The Night Is Over
6.  Jesus, Savior, Friend and Brother
7.  Holy Spirit, Come 


CD-Wait My Soul, In Silence; Instrumentals, Songs and Readings for Christian Meditation

CD-Wait My Soul, In Silence; Instrumentals, Songs and Readings for Christian Meditation







Cyprian Consiglio with Laurence Freeman

An innovative disc combining music and readings, Wait My Soul, in Silence is a gentle but powerful introduction to the practice of Christian meditation. The CD contains six four-track suites, each opening with an inspiring three-minute talk by Laurence Freeman. Cyprian provides soothing background music on acoustic guitar. Then a bell tones three times to signal the time for silent meditation. A song and a reading from Scripture, both reflecting back on the talk, bring the meditation to a close.

Track Listing
Create a Clean Heart
Drakes' Boughton/We Don't Think about Anything
Duke Street/Coming to Your Own Center
For God Alone (Psalm 62)
For You We Long (Psalm 63)
Kingsfold/A Way of Purification, Apatheia
Like A Child Rests/Learning to Unlearn
Lord You Know (Psalm 131)
Reading - 1 Tim 6:11-12, 14-16
Reading - Eph 1:17-23
Reading - John 12:24-26
Reading - Matt 11:25-30
Reading - Rom 5:1-5
Reading - Romans 8:19-26
Sab Bhole/Learning to Enter the Presence of the Spirit
St. Catherine/Whether We Feel Like It or Not
The Love of God Listen
Unless a Grain of Wheat



CD-Around the World

CD-Around the World







Track Listing
1.  Every Day Is Earth Day!
2.  Earth Mama
3.  Energy (Tango)
4.  Ode to Water
5.  The Same Air
6.  Only Take What You Need
7.  Green Blues
8.  The Bird Song
9.  Let It Rot
10. Less Is More
11. Trees
12. Stuff
13. Friend of the Earth


CD-Love Large

CD-Love Large







Track Listing
1.  We Are One
2.  For Alex (A Little Gentler)
3.  ASAP
4.  Downstream
5.  Butterfly
6.  God's Eye
7.  Love Large
8.  They Were Right
9.  Standing on the Shoulders
10. We've Come a Long Way, Ladies
11. Timeless
12. Holy Ground
13. Simple Gifts
14. What on Earth?


CD-Magnificent Healing

CD-Magnificent Healing







Track Listing
1.  Just to Be
2.  All I Do Today
3.  O, Earth!
4.  Mending Song
5.  How Would We Live?
6.  Bless Our Steps
7.  Mending Song II (Instrumental)
8.  Under the Rainbow (Instrumental)










Track Listing
1.  Pay Attention
2.  And Everybody Else
3.  O, Moon
4.  Virginia Beauty
5.  Whispering Me Home
6.  Enough Is As Good As A Feast
7.  A Small Star
8.  Richard's Song
9.  Heart of a Dragon
10. One Breath
11. Virginia Beauty (featuring Dale Ann Bradley)


CD-Under the Rainbow

CD-Under the Rainbow








Track Listing
1.  Fireball
2.  Under the Rainbow
3.  Somebody's Habitat
4.  Love by Design
5.  Wind, Wing and Wave
6.  I Just Know
7.  Light Years Away
8.  Little Bird (We All Share One Home)
9.  Song of Peace
10. Fireball (Dance Mix)
11. Bonus: Earth Mama (Swing)



Spanish Rosary CD

Spanish Rosary CD








Los Cuatro Misterios en Espanol:


Blessed Are The Merciful

Blessed Are The Merciful

The contemporary walk finds its inspiration and foundation in the traditional Stations of the Cross and is in tune with Pope Francis’ call for next year to be the Jubilee Year of Mercy. $20

David Haas invites us to pause during this Jubilee Year of Mercy and to make a spiritual pilgrimage of prayer and reflection to contemplate the mystery of God’s healing mercy in these new Stations of the Cross. Over and over we encounter in these Stations of Mercy a gracious God whose presence is more powerful that our weakness. The theme of God’s mercy weaves through our faith tradition. God never tires of drawing us into this gift of mercy spilled out and overflowing. Blessed Are the Merciful adeptly and creatively gathers a collection of songs, scriptural passages, psalms and meditation which celebrate and remind us that we are steeped over and over again in God’s extravagant and tender mercy which is freely offered, freely given.

Publication Date: 

Gregorian Melodies & Popular Chants

Gregorian Melodies & Popular Chants

Taken from the tenth to the seventeenth centuries, this compilation of familiar, most "requested" chants ranges from Tantum Ergo and Adoro to hymns from the service of compline. An ideal disc for those who are familiar with the chant liturgy, as well as for newcomers.


CD Morning Light

CD Morning Light

Morning Light - Their first new collection in 20 years!
Twenty years after releasing their last collection, the St. Louis Jesuits are back! Composers of some of the most beloved liturgical music ever written, the group -- Tim Manion, Dan Schutte and Jesuit Fathers Bob Dufford, John Foley and Roc O'Connor -- has come together to produce Morning Light, a reunion collection of hope-filled songs for Sunday liturgies, funerals, retreats, prayer services and other celebrations.

Beautiful, accessible, innovative melodies
Featuring 12 newly written songs, three by each member of the group (except Manion), this collection proves they still have it. They still have that uncanny ability to set Scripture-based texts to beautiful, accessible, innovative melodies that fit and enhance the liturgy -- and touch the hearts of today's worshipers.

Reflecting 20 years of spiritual and musical growth
But this is no copy of their previous work. Reflecting 20 years of spiritual and musical growth, these new compositions have a depth, maturity and humility that modern assemblies will appreciate. Of course, the world around them has also changed. Concerned for the "dark clouds" and discouragement they see, the group determined to write music filled with "the hope we have been called to."

New music by Bob Dufford, SJ and John Foley, SJ
"Behind and Before Me," by Bob Dufford, is an exquisite setting of Psalm 139. Spiced with well-balanced parts for guitar, flutes, strings and choir, it reassures us of God's intimacy -- and recalls our limited ability to grasp it. Opening with a lovely prelude for trumpets, "Teach Us to Pray," by John Foley, invokes the Holy Spirit's help in prayer and all we do. Inspired by Romans 8, this simple hymn is a timely reminder that "all things work for good."

New music by Roc O'Connor, SJ

Publication Date: 

CD Rain Down

CD Rain Down