Alpaca Felted Boot Insoles - Made in the USA

Alpaca Felted Boot Insoles - Made in the USA

Did you ever notice that even in the best insulated boots, the warmth just leaks out the bottom of your shoe? Wouldn't it be nice to keep all that warmth in when you're wearing your alpaca socks? Try Alpaca Boot Insoles for your shoes or boots. Each one prevents the heat you save by wearing your Survival, or other alpaca socks, from being lost out the bottom of your shoe. They're made entirely from the "seconds" part of the alpaca which is the part closest to their bodies, which means they do not retain moisture (no sweatiness). 

So if you or someone you know works outside all day and is tired of sore, cold feet, why not try an American made product? Each pair of insoles is made here in the USA from small alpaca farmers all over North America. Warning though: alpaca fiber creates a warmth that everyone craves once they've tried it. 


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Women Shoe Size 7-9.5 / Men Shoe size 6-9


Women Shoe size 7-9.5  / Men Shoe size 9.5-12.5


Women Shoe size 10+ / Men Shoe size 13+



Made in the USA from North American alpaca farms; Handwash only and line dry; Image of boot is for visual purposes only, Linden Leaf Gifts does not sell boots